22nd November 2017

Database web applications using Firebird

In our 2-day training course Database web applications using Firebird, you will learn all knowledge necessary to visualize data from a Firebird database via an Apache web server on Windows or Linux with minimal PHP knowledge.

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2nd October 2017

New IBExpert Version 2017.10.01 available

New features include:

Fully automated update process

As long as you have IBExpert Direct activated in your IBExpert application, you will automatically be informed of all new updates, and automatically directed to the IBExpert Download Center, as soon as they are available. You can find out more about IBExpert Direct in our online documentation.

  • Has your subscription expired? Purchase your IBExpert 12 month software subscription in our online shop.
  • Is your software still valid for an IBExpert subscription? Check our software conditions here.

25th September 2017

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21st June 2017

Alternatives to virtualization for database servers

The latest generation of IFS servers are 100% dedicated Firebird servers.

Read today's White Paper to learn about the benefits you can expect compared to most virtual machines, and how database operations can be run on average 10 times faster.

Our database expert Holger Klemt speaks in his white paper about fail-safe high-performance hardware solutions for Firebird databases: Whitepaper: Alternatives to virtualization for database servers.

12th April 2017

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27th March 2017

Firebird 3.0.2 has been released!

The primary goals for Firebird 3.0 were to unify the server architecture and to improve support for SMP and multiple-core hardware platforms. Parallel objectives were to improve threading of engine processes and the options for sharing page cache across thread and connection boundaries.

Alongside these aims came new strategies to improve performance, query optimization, monitoring and scalability and to address the demand for more security options. A number of popular features were introduced into the SQL language, including the long-awaited support for the Boolean data type and the associated logical predications.

Press release and download: http://firebirdsql.org/en/firebird-3-0-2/

10th November 2016

Considering Firebird Replication?

Check out our IBExpert Firebird Replication FAQs, or study our White Papers:

Interested in learning more?

Sign up for our IBExpert Firebird Bootcamps or mail sales@ibexpert.biz for details of our various remote support options.

29. September 2016

Firebird 3.0.1 sub-release is available

Firebird Project has announced general availability of Firebird 3.0.1 - the first point release in the Firebird 3.0 series.

This sub-release offers many bug fixes and also adds a few improvements, please refer to the Release Notes for the full list of changes. Binary kits for Windows and Linux on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms are immediately available for download.

19th September 2016

Firebird 3 Encryption Plugin

Our new Firebird 3 Encryption Plugin will be available from October 1st, and included in all valid IBExpert Developer Studio editions and in the IBExpert Server Tools for use on the registered computer(s). A trial version is available immediately; if you are interested, please mail sales@ibexpert.biz.

OEM Distribution and Source Code editions are available upon request.

14th September 2016

IBExpert, LLC has opened an office in Orlando, Florida

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new office location in Orlando, Florida in order to respond to increased demand for our services in the United States region. Our goal is to improve our capabilities to assist, support and consult clients throughout North and South America. Together with a professional development team in the USA and Germany we will be able to better meet our client needs. ... more.

IBExpert Firebird 2.x/3 Bootcamp: October 26th-27th, 2016 in Orlando, Florida, USA

The Orlando IBExpert office is looking forward to welcoming our founder Holger Klemt in Orlando. Holger will hold a 2 day IBExpert Firebird 2.x/3 Bootcamp covering Firebird administration/replication/security/performance topics October 26th-27th, 2016.

All participants will have the chance to purchase all IBExpert software products at special Bootcamp rates!

... ... IBExpert Firebird 2.x/3 Bootcamp October 26th-27th, 2016 in Orlando, Florida, USA.

30th August 2016

What our customers have to say about our bootcamps:

"Three days pure Firebird: Firebird internals, Firebird replication, Firebird configuration, repairing Firebird, optimizing Firebird, basically: all things Firebird. It's not possible to pack more Firebird theory and practice into three days!

"The very next day, following the recommendations, we set about configuring a new PC as a Firebird server, initially without any software optimization: a LIKE search across all data by customer name previously took about 15 seconds, with the new server 2 seconds. Price of the previous server: 3,500 €, price of the new FB-Server PC: 1,000 €.

"We will need a few months to digest it all, and implement other parts of our newly gained knowledge. Thanks for the video recordings; they help enormously!"

Chris Hölzemann, Jürgen Medart, Ingenieurbüro Medart

"We would like to thank you for an excellent workshop. We've really learnt a lot about Firebird and IBExpert. The following topics were particularly important for ourselves: transaction control und error detection; Firebird database replication; shadows; developing Client/Server apps; hardware recommendations and Firebird server configuration; upgrade to Firebird 3.0 and the advantages compared to Firebird 2.5.

"PS: This was by far the best workshop I've ever participated in!"

Jakob Töws, Tele-Trac Kommunikations GmbH

"The bootcamp was, as was my previous participation in several IBExpert courses or workshops, very informative. Customer projects that I have implemented and which have been in use for a long time (replication, archive database, log triggers, etc. ...), can now be extended and optimized even further on the basis of the newly acquired knowledge.

"Working with IBExpert is continually improved, thus I can develop much faster in the database and integrate these improvements in customer projects and also in our ERP software.

"Holger Klemt also constantly offers tips, advice and guidance based on his very long experience, among other things: what should be taken into consideration when implementing customer requirements, so that you can avoid a variety of "beginner mistakes" from the outset, which would otherwise make life very difficult later.

"Participation in IBExpert workshops is firmly fixed in my schedule every 1-2 years."

Michael Clemens, Line Software GmbH

We still have some places available for the September and November dates! Book now to guarantee your place!

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16 August 2016

White Paper: Firebird Replication

By Holger Klemt

A very interesting paper, which illustrates the flexible development of a Firebird replication: From the early beginnings of a database application to modern replication technology, concluding with key figures of a customer project.

A must-read for anyone using or contemplating replication!

You can download the White Paper here: PDF download.

Find out more about IBExpert Firebird replication at our Bootcamps: We also offer both Firebird Bootcamps as corporate training at your premises. If interested please mail sales@ibexpert.biz and we will send you our written offer.

And you can now book the IBExpert Firebird 3 Bootcamp and the IBExpert Firebird Admin Bootcamp for your customers. Details here: Firebird Bootcamps as corporate training.

14th July 2016

Using IBEBlock to change all triggers

Have you ever tried to change all existing triggers, because they need to ignore the operation of a specific user?

This is extremely easy using the IBEBlock scripting language and Firebird 2.x as you can see in this example, which will simply add another line of code if (current_user<>'R$') then begin after the first begin and an additional end at the end of the source code. This is used in our replication system to ignore operations initiated by the replication user R$.

 execute ibeblock 
 DB = ibec_CreateConnection(__ctInterBase,
                            ClientLib=C:\Program Files (x86)\HK-Software\IBExpert\IBEUDB\fbembed.dll;
                            User=SYSDBA; Password=masterke; Names=NONE; SqlDialect=3;');
 use db;
   select rdb$triggers.rdb$trigger_name,rdb$triggers.rdb$trigger_source
   from rdb$triggers
   where rdb$triggers.rdb$trigger_name not containing '$'
   and rdb$triggers.rdb$relation_name not containing '$'
   and rdb$triggers.rdb$trigger_source not containing 'R$'
   into trgn,trgsrc
   trgsrc=ibec_StringReplace(trgsrc,'begin','begin if current_user<>R$ then begin',__rfIgnoreCase);
   update rdb$triggers set rdb$triggers.rdb$trigger_source =:trgsrc where rdb$triggers.rdb$trigger_name=:trgn;

You can find many more IBEBlock examples in our online documentation: IBEBlock examples.

6th July 2016

IBExpert Firebird Admin Bootcamp

From August 2016 onwards, IBExpert is offering an optional additional day to the Firebird 3 Bootcamps: The Firebird Admin Bootcamp (currently planned in German; if you're interested in an English-language course, please mail sales@ibexpert.biz). This one-day Bootcamp can be booked together with the IBExpert Firebird 3 Bootcamp or separately as an individual day course.

You can find details on our website:

You can book your place in our onlineshop or by email to sales@ibexpert.biz.

We also offer both Firebird bootcamps as corporate training at your premises. If interested please mail sales@ibexpert.biz and we will send you our written offer.

Benefit from the knowledge of the IBExpert database experts.

29th June 2016

IBExpert Firebird 3 Bootcamp


From August 2016 onwards, IBExpert will once again be offering regular monthly workshops, currently planned in German (if you're interested in an English-language course, please mail sales@ibexpert.biz).

The Firebird 3 Bootcamp is for admins and developers who have been actively working with Firebird for at least 2 years. The focus is on upgrading to Firebird 3 and optimization of your own database environment (also for Firebird 2.x). You can expect interesting talks covering all aspects of Firebird, IBExpert, Lazarus and Delphi development. The focus is on the practical application of the technologies and methods presented, which can also be implemented with other programming languages. ... read more here.

Optionally you can also participate on the additional third day: IBExpert Firebird Admin Bootcamp.

Benefit from the knowledge of the IBExpert database experts.

20th June 2016

Discontinuation of the IBExpert Desktop Edition

Development cycles are becoming ever shorter and continual innovations mean that it is hardly possible any longer to provide a software product without a subscription service.

This is nothing new or even surprising. It just means that in the foreseeable future nothing will remain as it is today and which we use and accept as a matter of fact. To keep up with progress, it is essential not to ignore new developments. Which also means that no one should work a long time without updates.

Consequently, we have decided to discontinue the development and sale of the IBExpert Desktop Edition with immediate effect.

7th June 2016

New IBExpert Tutorial:

IBExpert Database Designer

There are many situations where it can be useful to create Firebird database diagrams to provide a better understanding of an existing database, or to aid the planning of new Firebird databases. The IBExpert Database Designer is a comprehensive tool, which allows database objects to be managed visually. View in our Learning Center or on our YouTube channel.

Read the full documentation on our website: Database Designer.

The German-language version is to be released shortly!

19 April 2016

Firebird 3.0 has been released!

22 March 2016

White Paper: Big Data, Replication or "Where are the limits of Firebird?"

By Holger Klemt

A very interesting paper about a customer project, where we developed multimaster replication for EPOS systems. This demonstrates just how efficient Firebird is, when using the right hardware and replication configuration.

A must-read for anyone using or contemplating replication!

You can download the White Paper here: PDF download.

18 March 2016

Firebird Developer Days 2016

English language: 23rd-25th May 2016 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

The Firebird Developer Days is the training event for Delphi and Lazarus developers who want to benefit from the knowledge of the IBExpert database experts. You can expect interesting talks covering all aspects of Firebird, IBExpert, Lazarus and Delphi development. The focus is on the practical application of the technologies and methods presented, which can also be implemented with other programming languages. You can view the range of planned topics here: English | German, and fees here.

Optional: Power Workshop Replication 26th May 2016

For participants from further afield Holger Klemt is offering an individual Power Workshop on the Thursday. Building upon a basic knowledge of replication, we will provide you with indepth knowledge on the subject of IBExpert and Firebird replication. Further information here.

17 March 2016

Firebird 4.0 roadmap and checklist

The Firebird Foundation have just published their roadmap and checklist for Firebird 4.0: http://www.firebirdsql.org/en/planning-board/. The first Alpha release is planned for later this year.

07 March 2016

The official Firebird 3 RC2 is now available for testing!

Firebird Project announces the second Release Candidate of Firebird 3.0, the next major version of the Firebird relational database, which is now available for testing.

This Release Candidate demonstrates the complete set of features and improvements developed for the new release. Release Candidates are generally considered stable enough and may be recommended for testing in “almost-production” environments. Please report about any found bugs to the bugtracker.

Please read the Release Notes carefully before installing and testing this Release Candidate.

09 February 2016

IBExpert file system inventory tips and tricks

Have you ever tried to find how many large duplicate files are taking up space on your storage system?

We had the same idea and used some very easy IBExpert scripts to read all network files into a database. With about 8 million files on several NAS systems, the tools available in Microsoft Windows are not really helpful. Here you can find our solution, including sample code, using IBExpert's IBEBlock scripting language and a Firebird database for storing the inventory.

View the full example in our IBBlock online documentation: IBExpert file system inventory tips and tricks.

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