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Dataset functions

The following dataset-handling functions are available in IBEBlock:

ibec_CopyDataReturns number of records copied from SrcConnection to DestConnection.
ibec_ArrayReturns a one-dimensional 0-based array of values.
ibec_ds_AppendAdds a new, empty record to the end of the dataset.
ibec_ds_CancelCancels modifications to the active record if those changes are not yet posted.
ibec_ds_DeleteDeletes the active record and positions the cursor on the next record.
ibec_ds_EditEnables editing of data in the dataset.
ibec_ds_EofIndicates whether or not a cursor is positioned at the last record in a dataset.
ibec_ds_BofIndicates whether or not a cursor is positioned at the first record in a dataset.
ibec_ds_FieldCountReturns the number of fields associated with the dataset.
ibec_ds_FieldNameReturns the name of specified field.
ibec_ds_FieldTypeNReturns the native type of specified field.
ibec_ds_FirstPositions the cursor on the first record in the dataset.
ibec_ds_GetFieldReturns value of specified field.
ibec_ds_LastPositions the cursor on the last record in the dataset.
ibec_ds_LocateLocates single or multiple specified search values in a dataset.
ibec_ds_NextPositions the cursor on the next record in the dataset.
ibec_ds_PriorPositions the cursor on the previous record in the dataset.
ibec_ds_SortSorts datasets according to the SortFields specification.

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