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Functions for working with FTP servers

The following functions are implemented to work with FTP servers.

ibec_ftp_OpenSessionCreates an FTP session object with specified options.
ibec_ftp_CloseSessionDestroys an FTP session object created with the ibec_ftp_OpenSession function.
ibec_ftp_ConnectEstablishes connection to the FTP server.
ibec_ftp_DisconnectPerforms a disconnection from the FTP server.
ibec_ftp_ChangeDirChanges the working directory on the FTP server.
ibec_ftp_MakeDirCreates a directory on the FTP server.
ibec_ftp_RemoveDirDeletes a directory on the FTP server.
ibec_ftp_RenameRenames files/directories on the FTP server.
ibec_ftp_DeleteFileDeletes a file on the FTP server.
ibec_ftp_FileSizeReturns the size of a file in Bytes.
ibec_ftp_FileDateReturns the modification timestamp of a file.
ibec_ftp_GetFileCopies a file from the FTP server to the local computer.
ibec_ftp_PutFileCopies a local file to the FTP server.
ibec_ftp_LastResponseReturns the last response of the FTP server.
ibec_ftp_GetPropertyGets the value of the specified property.
ibec_ftp_SetPropertySets the value of the specified property.

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