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ibec_ftp_GetProperty gets the value of the specified property.


 function ibec_ftp_GetProperty(FTPSession : variant; PropertyName : string) : variant;

ibec_ftp_GetProperty returns the value of the specified property of the FTP server object. PropertyName is a name of the property to read. If the property name is unknown the function will return NULL.

The following properties are available for reading:

Host (or HostName)returns the URL of the FTP server name.
User (or UserName)returns the user name.
Pass (or Password)returns the password.
Portreturns the port number (as a string).
Datareturns the content of the internal data buffer.
SessionLogreturns the session log data.
LastResponsereturns the last response of the FTP server (same as ibec_ftp_LastResponse).

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