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The ibec_MessageDlg function displays a message dialog box in the center of the screen.


 function ibec_MessageDlg(Msg: string; DlgType: integer; Buttons: integer): integer;


Call ibec_MessageDlg to bring up a message box and obtain the user's response. The message box displays the value of the Msg parameter. Use the DlgType parameter to indicate the purpose of the dialog. Possible values of the DlgType parameter are:

__mtWarning = 0A message box containing a yellow exclamation point symbol.
__mtError = 1A message box containing a red stop sign.
__mtInformation = 2A message box containing a blue i.
__mtConfirmation = 3A message box containing a green question mark (?).
__mtCustom = 4A message box containing no bitmap.

Use the Buttons parameter to indicate which buttons should appear in the message box. The following values and combinations can be used for the Buttons parameters:

__mbYes = 1A button with Yes on its face.
__mbNo = 2A button the text No on its face.
__mbOK = 4A button the text OK on its face.
__mbCancel = 8A button with the text Cancel on its face.
__mbAbort = 16A button with the text Abort on its face.
__mbRetry = 32A button with the text Retry on its face.
__mbIgnore = 64A button the text Ignore on its face.
__mbAll = 128A button with the text All on its face.
__mbNoToAll = 256A button with the text No to All on its face.
__mbYesToAll = 512A button with the text Yes to All on its face.
__mbHelp = 1024A button with the text Help on its face.

ibec_MessageDlg returns the value of the button the user selected. These are the possible return values:


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