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Unfortunately our automatically-generated mails with the free IBExpert Personal Edition activation codes are being rejected at the moment by some, or email addresses. Sorry, but there is nothing we can do about this. We can only suggest you register a further IBExpert Download Center account, using an email address from another provider.

The IBExpert Personal Edition is a free version of the IBExpert Developer Studio software that we offer to our customers for personal use. It includes access to two IBExpert Developer Studio modules: the IBExpert IDE and the IBExpert Demo Database. (All other IBExpert Developer Studio modules are available in the IBExpert Developer Studio full version.)

1. The Personal Edition is certainly not intended for commercial use on multiple computers in a company, nor to be passed on or sold to others.
2. The Personal Edition may not be activated for other users.
3. Use of the IBExpert Personal Edition is only allowed by the person who has conducted the download from his/her account in the IBExpert Download Center.
4. A developer may use the Personal Edition commercially at his employer's (according to the terms in 3.). Any use by any other person or any form of distribution is strictly prohibited without prior written permission and will be prosecuted.
You will need to agree to these usage terms before you can download the Personal Edition setup.exe file.

The IBExpert Personal Edition (with limited functionalities) can be downloaded here. You will need to enter a valid email address to receive a personal password, allowing you access to the IBExpert Download Center.

Once you have received your password you can login into the IBExpert Download Center and download the IBExpert Personal Edition. The registration procedure is described in our online documentation.

The free IBExpert Personal Edition is also compatible with Linux/Wine!

Activations for the Personal Edition are valid only until the end of each calendar month. When you first start the Personal Edition at the start of the new month you need to enter a new activation code. In order to generate an activation code you need a valid IBExpert Download Center account. Software activation is described here.

The activation codes are still free! If your IBExpert Software Subscription is still valid, you can activate an unlimited number of Personal Editions (according to the terms in 3. above) on your IBExpert Download Center account. Otherwise you can activate a maximum of 1 Personal Edition per week.

Due to the vast amounts of downloads the free IBExpert Personal Edition registration procedure is fully automated. We can therefore provide neither support nor service for this software edition.

Further information regarding the free IBExpert Personal Edition can be found in our IBExpert online documentation:

You can also find tips and solutions to a number of frequently asked questions:

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