IBExpert services & support

We offer a wide range of training and support services for Firebird, InterBase®, Lazarus, Delphi®, FastReport® and of course, IBExpert.

All support and training services are available worldwide; languages spoken: German and English.

Our training servicesOur support servicesHardwareIBExpert support
* IBExpert and Firebird Training and Workshops
* IBExpert and Firebird Power Workshop
* IBExpert Firebird 3 Bootcamp
* IBExpert Firebird Bootcamp corporate
* Bootcamp database web applications using Firebird
* Firebird Developer Days
* Corporate in-house workshops
* Lazarus training for Delphi programmers
* IBExpert and Firebird hotline
* Database analysis/database repair
* IBExpert Firebird SQL Performance Monitoring
* IBExpert Firebird Replication
* RemoteDBA
* on site workshop
* Lazarus

* Firebird IFSLR with Linux Server operating system
* IBExpert Firebird IFSMR with Linux Server Betriebssystem
* Firebird IFS Server Remote Test Access

* Online documentation
* Learning Center

Our training services

See also: IBExpert and Firebird Training and Workshops

IBExpert is the ideal partner for training and workshops in your company. Years of experience allow you to gain access to tried and tested strategies and techniques for software development. The training sessions take place over a period of 1-5 days, depending upon the participants’ previous knowledge and the depth and range of the topics covered.

We provide expert workshops at your company, tailored to fit your needs. Send us your detailed list of requirements, and we will send you our written offer, recommending the number of days necessary to ensure your team can learn the necessary skills to fulfill your requirements.

We also offer all our workshops as company training.

Our support services

Our free support options can be found below.

We offer a range of support concepts. If you cannot find the solution you are looking for or are unsure which option is the best for you, then please send us your detailed list of requirements, so that we can advise you on the best solution. Of course we will send you a written offer before carrying out any work if wished.

In addition to training, workshops, outsourcing and mentoring, there are also a number of services and support options that you can take advantage of, including:

IBExpert support

Whether using the full registered IBExpert Versions or the free Personal or Educational version, we offer comprehensive IBExpert, Firebird and InterBase® support to all our customers.

Online documentation

The complete IBExpert help files are available directly online: IBExpert documentation. On the main documentation page you will find documentation for all other IBExpert Developer Studio products and the HK-Software Service Center, as well as a range of general documentation and articles concerning Firebird and InterBase®.

Learning Center

In our online Learning Center you will find a selection of tutorial videos, covering all key Firebird and IBExpert subjects. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and you will be informed of all new tutorial films as and when they become available.