IBExpert Distribution OEM Edition

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The IBExpert Distribution OEM Edition allows unlimited distribution of the purchased IBExpert IDE software file or IBExpert scripts with your application for a period of 5 years.

The IBExpert.exe, IBEScript.exe and/or IBEScript.dll file is created exclusively for your company, which you may use on each of your customers computers on which your software runs, as well as on all computers belonging to your group of companies (purchase, rental, leasing). Any further distribution beyond this is explicitly prohibited. Employees who are no longer working in your company may no longer install or deploy this software and may not continue to use it. You are responsible for ensuring that the OEM is only used in accordance with the terms agreed between IBExpert and yourself (IBExpert Contractual Partner) and you must ensure that no arbitrarily available tool is distributed for activation. The OEM Edition may continue to be used on computers, where it has already been installed, for an unlimited period of time. For new installations however, a new IBExpert Distribution OEM must be purchased for the respective module after 5 years.

Updates are not covered and must be commissioned additionally.

With the OEM Update Subscription you have access to all updates for 12 months. The OEM Update Subscription cannot be ordered retrospectively, but only as an extension when directly ordering an OEM Edition and is charged annually in advance. If no OEM Update Subscription has been ordered or the subscription period interrupted, the OEM Update Subscription cannot be re-ordered at a later date. For each update we charge a service fee of 25% of the valid cost of the IBExpert Distribution OEM Edition for the respective module.

As Firebird 4 has already been released, we strongly recommend purchasing the OEM Update Subscription when placing your order.

The OEM enables you to work flexibly and independently with IBExpert on all physical or virtual computers in your company or at your customers. Activations are unlimited and are possible at any time even without an active Internet connection. Furthermore, no annual re-registration is required, which is another advantage for uninterrupted work in our fast-moving times.

The registration procedure for our OEM customers is simple and quickly explained:

The registration code (a string of characters to be calculated on the basis of the computer) does not require any internet access, portal access or access from third parties. The IBExpert Distribution OEM Edition includes an individualized DLL or EXE with the name of the IBExpert contractrual partner. On each computer on which an OEM DLL or EXE is to be used, the OEM customer must calculate a registry entry in accordance with our specifications and save it in the registry in the HKCU area before using the OEM EXE or DLL. The registration entry is calculated and checked individually, based on the local computer name. Hardware changes or deployment on virtual machines do not change the code if the selected computer name does not change in the process. The registration entry must be generated by the end customer's licensed software and not by separate software that can also be used without the correct licensing. You will receive a source code sample as an example for this procedure as part of the OEM package.

For the creation of an OEM version of IBExpert.exe we charge a single fee of EUR 12,650. If you also want to use the IBEScript.exe or, alternatively, the IBEScript.dll as an OEM version, we also charge EUR 12,650 for each.

Full cost calculation 5 years using IBExpert.exe:

(12,650 + 5 * 3,162,50) =EUR 28,462.50
= EUR 5,692.50 annually
With 50 users the cost is approx. EUR 115.00 per user/year

With 500 installations including installations on your customers' computers, the cost averages a mere EUR 11.00 per user/year.

Do you have any questions about using the IBExpert Distribution OEM Edition? Write to us at register@com.

Please also send us a price overview of your software as it is offered to your customers.

For hardware-bound licenses, please give us an indication of a typical order amount.

An OEM Edition can only be ordered if your product price is significantly higher than the price of an IBExpert Developer Studio Single Edition.

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