IBExpert Developer Studio Edition

The IBExpert Developer Studio Edition contains a IBExpert Developer Studio Full Version with a 12 month software subscription. The software subscription includes access to all new updates and new unlock codes in the event of a computer failure or relocation to another computer.

The IBExpert software subscription should be extended at the latest at the end of the 12 month validity period, to ensure continued access to our software service. The software subscription costs 50% of the original purchase price, and may be purchased at any time during the valid software subscription period, however no later than 12 months following expiration of the software subscription.

Our development is based on the constant and essential development of our IBExpert products to adapt to the Firebird database. With Firebird we support a product, whose alterations and releases we have no influence on. We always aim to implement and publish the latest features as quickly as possible.

Activate IBExpert Direct in your application and you will automatically be notified of all new IBExpert versions. Please always install the newest IBExpert version, available in your customer account.

The IBExpert Developer Studio Edition Software Subscription includes:

  • An unlimited right to use the software activation on the registered hardware.
  • Access to the IBExpert Download Center during the valid IBExpert Developer Studio software subscription period to download and activate your software.
  • Access to the IBExpert Download Center during the valid IBExpert Developer Studio software subscription period to download all published updates.
  • Hardware-dependent activation codes during the valid IBExpert Developer Studio subscription period for the registered hardware when submitting the removal code.

The IBExpert Developer Studio Edition is a machine-bound edition, therefore one activation is required for each computer and each user. If a single computer has multiple users, you have to order the quantity of activations for the total number of all users per computer.

If possible, only 1 customer account per customer should be registered in the IBExpert Download Center. If you wish to add additional software activations to your IBExpert Download Center account, please request a written quotation: sales@ibexpert.biz.

To work with IBExpert in a virtual environment and/or cloud infrastructure, we recommend using IBExpert Developer Studio Company Year Edition or the IBExpert Enterprise Server Year Edition to avoid problems such as machine locks.

We regularly inform you about new IBExpert features on our website. Click on What's New to get a list of all the latest IBExpert features and read our IBExpert newsletter regularly. To receive the newsletter, activate the option, I would like to receive the IBExpert newsletter, in your IBExpert Download Center account. Alternatively, follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

If you cannot find an answer to your questions regarding the use of our IBExpert software here, please send us your e-mail to sales@ibexpert.biz or call us: +49 (0) 4407 3148770.

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