Software rental:
IBExpert Enterprise Server Year Edition ESYE

Work with IBExpert software in a virtual environment

The ESYE contains the following components: IBExpert IDE, IBEScript.dll, IBEScript.exe and the BackupRestore Scheduler.

License Conditions and product description ESYE:

  • 1 * IBExpert activation for 1 Server, location-independent, valid for 12 months
  • No hardware-related activation
  • Only one active instance of a virtual machine is permitted when the installed IBExpert software is started.
  • The components IBEScript.exe and IBEScript.dll can be started during runtime on the activated virtual server instance as often as required, but not on multiple virtual instances which have been copied or run in parallel by other methods.
  • The IBExpert IDE ibexpert.exe may be started on the activated virtual server instance in the terminal server environment in a maximum of 4 processes concurrently.
  • IMPORTANT!: There is no unlock procedure: If the virtual machine with the activated IBExpert version needs to be replaced by another machine, a new ESYE must be purchased for this machine.
  • Includes all updates for 12 months

To license the IBExpert Enterprise Server Year Edition ESYE we kindly ask you to fill in the IBExpert Year Edition Corporate Information in the IBExpert Download Center. Please provide all of your company's information in full and update it regularly, preferably once a year. Further information can be found in our online documentation.

Please note the following:

In the event of justified suspicion of misuse, IBExpert shall be entitled to inspect the start log of all servers on which IBExpert software is used.
By purchasing this software product, the customer/licensee explicitly grants IBExpert permission to view the IBExpert log files by remote service.

Price per activation per year 649 .
Activation for multiple years is possible and is taken into consideration when activating.

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