Additional client info field

Next interesting feature is to add test field to MON$ATTACHMENT is. Now you can take any ODS12 (i.e. FB3) database and try to run:


In ISQL this works fine - no problems. But if you take some clever tool like IBExpert that can build SQL queries say in graphical builder it's quite possible that it will not be able to build such statement - depending upon method of getting table information it may display or may not display MON$REMOTE_INFO field in MON$ATTACHMENTS. (if you try with any database _created_ with special build, new field should always and anywhere display correctly).

A new field will be added to mon$attachments - mon$remote_info. It will be for sure shown in any isql - even one from standard build. Currently it always contains same text and by itself makes no sense. New field is obviously missing in system tables of standard DB, and if your tool reads fields list from them you will not see new field. Task is to add mon$remote_info field to FB3, and looks like it cannot be done in simple way (just replacing firebird binaries), but users who need that feature will have to backup/restore databases to be able to work with new field.

Also, mon$remote_info IS SHOWN in data tab in ibexpert, just not listed with other fields in fields tab.

So, we have 2 options: - create databases with non-standard minor number (like in hqbird), users will have to backup/restore database to access mon$remote_info; - change ibexpert bahavior to make it use another method of listing fields for monitoring tables.

First one is correct way to go, second suppose will be more liked by users.

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