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This script,, is available with Classic Server installations only, and is used to change the symlink to point to the appropriate library for the installation. There are two possible libraries that the symlink can point to:

  • /opt/firebird/lib/ for client server applications
  • /opt/firebird/lib/ for embedded server applications.

After installation, the symlink points to the client server library by default so if you are running an embedded application, you need to run this script to point at the embedded library instead.

Note: This script must be run as root.

The following example shows how this script is used to change from embedded server to client server use:

 # cd /opt/firebird/bin
 # ./

For classic server there are two optional backward compatible client libraries. These are and

  • enables your client to be multithreaded but must connect to a database via a server.
  • allows the client to directly open the database file, but does not support multithreaded access.

Your current setting is:

 /usr/lib/ -> /opt/firebird/lib/

 Which option would you like to choose (client|embed|remove) 
                                                          [client] client

The default option is client which will recreate the symlink to the client server library, embed will recreate the symlink to the embedded server, while remove will remove the symlink altogether.

There are no messages displayed to inform you of the success of the script, however, if you run it again, you will notice the current setting should be different to that displayed when you previously ran the script.

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