Command-line options

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Command-line options

Running gfix without a command (or an invalid command), or with the new -? switch in Firebird 2.5, results in the following screen of helpful information being displayed:

 usage: gfix [options] <database>
 plausible options are:	
         -activate       activate shadow file for database usage
         -attach         shutdown new database attachments
         -buffers        set page buffers <n>
         -commit         commit transaction <tr / all>
         -cache          shutdown cache manager
         -full v         alidate record fragments (-v)
         -force          force database shutdown
         -fetch_password fetch_password from file
         -housekeeping   set sweep interval <n>
         -ignore         ignore checksum errors
         -kill           kill all unavailable shadow files
         -list           show limbo transactions
         -mend           prepare corrupt database for backup
         -mode           read_only or read_write
         -no_update      read-only validation (-v)
         -online         database online <single / multi / normal>
         -prompt         prompt for commit/rollback (-l)
         -password       default password
         -rollback       rollback transaction <tr / all>
         -sql_dialect    set database dialect n
         -sweep          force garbage collection
         -shut           shutdown <full / single / multi>
         -two_phase      perform automated two-phase recovery
         -tran           shutdown transaction startup
         -use            use full or reserve space for versions
         -user           default user name
         -validate       validate database structure
         -write          write synchronously or asynchronously
         -z              print software version number

 qualifiers show the major option in parenthesis

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