Appendix A: Document history

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Appendix A: Document history

The exact file history is recorded in the manual module in our CVS tree; see The full URL of the CVS log for this file can be found at

Revision history

1.029 September 2009NDCreated as a chapter in the Command Line Utilities manual.
1.111 October 2009NDSome screen output wrapped as it extended out of the page in the generated pdf.
1.220 October 2009NDReplaced all references to "root or firebird" account names with "privileged users" as there are more than just these two accounts. Converted to a stand alone manual.
1.321 October 2009NDA few spelling mistakes corrected.
1.426 October 2009NDThe status option to the rcfirebird command is not available on all Linux distros. Text amended to warn the reader of this discrepency.
1.511 October 20011NDSpelling corrections.
1.613 October 2011NDUpdated to mention that fbmgr is deprecated from Firebird 2.5 onwards, and removed altogether from Firebird 3.0.
Added a chapter on using fbguard.

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