function ibec_OnlineDatabase(Database : string; Options : string) : variant;

ibec_OnlineDatabase brings the database specified by the Database parameter online using the Firebird Services API.

The Options variable specifies additional connect and online mode parameters:

Connection options

User=<user_name>User name
ClientLib=<path>Path to the client library file
ExpectedDBsee Example 3 below.

Online mode option

Mode=<mode>Online mode. Possible values are Normal, Multi and Single. If Mode is not specified Normal will be used by default. This option is available for Firebird 2.5 and above.

ibec_OnlineDatabase returns NULL in case of success. Otherwise it returns an error message.


1. Bring a database online in normal mode

    Res = ibec_OnlineDatabase('localhost:d:\data\mydb.fdb',
                             User=SYSDBA; Password=masterkey');

2. Bring a database online in single-user mode

    Res = ibec_OnlineDatabase('localhost:d:\data\mydb.fdb',
                             User=SYSDBA; Password=masterkey; Mode=Single');

3. Using ExpectedDB

     Res = ibec_OnlineDatabase('localhost:d:\mydb.fdb',
                            'ClientLib=C:\Program Files (x86)\HK-Software\IBExpert\firebird3\fbclient.dll;
                             Password=masterkey; User=SYSDBA;

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