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Available in: DSQL, ESQL, PSQL

Added in: 2.0

Changed in: 2.1


Returns the lower-case equivalent of the input string. The exact result depends on the character set. With ASCII or NONE for instance, only ASCII characters are lowercased; with OCTETS, the entire string is returned unchanged. Since Firebird 2.1 this function also fully supports text BLOBs of any length and character set.

Result type: (VAR)CHAR or BLOB


 LOWER (str)

Note: Because LOWER is a reserved word, the internal function wil take precedence even if the external function by that name has also been declared. To call the (inferior!) external function, use double-quotes and the exact capitalisation, as in "LOWER"(str).


 select Sheriff from Towns
   where lower(Name) = 'cooper''s valley'

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