Move the IBExpert activation to another computer

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Move the IBExpert activation to another computer

Should you wish to install IBExpert on another computer, you first need to remove the IBExpert registration. Please note that this doesn't apply to the free IBExpert Personal Edition, the IBExpert Company Year Edition, the IBExpert Day Edition and the IBExpert Server Tools. And this only applies to software activations with a valid subscription.

Important: You should only remove the software registration if you have a valid software subscription and you do not intend to use IBExpert software any longer on this computer, as the removal process generates a lock code, preventing re-registration of IBExpert software, without a Hardware Unlock Code.

Start IBExpert and open the About window in the Help menu (Help / About):

Click the Remove activation link in the bottom right-hand corner. Confirm that you really wish to remove this software activation by clicking OK.

Important! Please note that this is your last chance to cancel the registration removal procedure. After clicking OK there is no turning back!

A message appears displaying the remove activation string:

Click OK to continue.

The next message invites you to click OK in order to open your email client. If your computer settings do not allow this, you can write a mail to, and simply paste the clipboard content into the subject heading:

To finish off, there are a couple of informational messages, informing you that your IBExpert software has now been removed and is about to be closed.

And a final warning informing you that there is no point trying to install and use a backup copy of any IBExpert software on the same machine. The deactivation applies to any and all IBExpert software registrations for this machine:

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Hardware Unlock Code

If you are re-installing and activating IBExpert on a machine, where IBExpert has already been used, you may be asked to enter a Hardware Unlock Code to free up the license.dat:

Please mail, and we will generate and mail you a code, which you can use to start IBExpert within the next 24 hours.

You should then be able to activate your IBExpert software registration without any further problems.

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