Firebird Developer Days

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The Firebird Developer Days is the training event for Delphi and Lazarus developers who want to benefit from the knowledge of the IBExpert database experts. You can expect interesting talks covering all aspects of Firebird, IBExpert, Lazarus and Delphi development. The focus is on the practical application of the technologies and methods presented, which can also be implemented with other programming languages.

Overview of topics

Client development

  • Debugging a Delphi/Lazarus database application with the integrated debugger
  • Create appropriate events for additional protocols without the Debugger
  • Server-side monitoring of database applications
  • Establishing a 24/7 monitoring protocol on the server
  • Network monitoring of database communication at TCP/IP packet level
  • Performance comparison of different components: TxxTable, TxxDataset, TxxQuery etc.
  • Identify and assess automatically component-generated SQLs
  • Identify SQLs on the server based on source code additions in the Delphi/Lazarus source code
  • Automatically supplement own profiling methods in the Delphi/Lazarus source code
  • Autocommit or manual commit?
  • Use Prepare or not?
  • SQLs with or without parameters? Advantages and disadvantages!
  • Integrate block commands

Server development

  • Basic knowledge regarding the Firebird server functionalities and architecture
  • Detect inadequate transaction handling and assess impact
  • Locate long-running transactions in network operation, identify the cause
  • Techniques to end long-running transactions on the server side
  • Analyze trigger sequences and log the process
  • Measure and evaluate speed benefits of stored procedures
  • Create and debug stored procedures and triggers using IBExpert
  • Global database analysis: lack of primary keys, detection of duplicates, false and missing indices
  • Use calculated fields for maximum performance and manage display using permissions
  • Use data types and table definitions properly
  • Correct use of execute statement on external

Administrative tasks

  • Visualize a database model using IBExpert
  • Export a database model for version control in SVN or similar
  • Use IBExpert to set up versioning of stored procedures and triggers
  • Automate metadata comparison between the development database and the production database
  • Automate an automatic data synchronization between multiple databases using scripts
  • Data backup using Backup tools during normal operation
  • Optimize running time of the data backup
  • Shadow as an alternative high-speed backup method
  • Basic knowledge of replication as a real-time backup
  • Measure hardware speed and compare using IBExpert Benchmark
  • Tips and Tricks to optimize hardware and software for a Firebird Server

Firebird 3.0

  • What does the new multiprocessing capability in Firebird 3.0 really achieve?
  • Application possibilities of packages and internal functions
  • What needs to be considered when migrating to Firebird 3.0?
  • Benchmark comparison Firebird 2.5/Firebird 3.0


  • Tips and tricks for everyday work
  • Why write SQL commands yourself when these can be produced quickly and reliably using the IBExpert assistant
  • Software models: Developer Studio, Company Year Edition and Day Edition

Dates: If you are interested in a 3-day English-language Firebird Developer Days, please mail us at
Location: to be announced.


Please refer to our IBExpert Contract Terms for the Provision of Consultancy and other Professional Services (General Terms and Conditions Services) and Terms and conditions.

You can book your place by email to

We recommend you bring a laptop with your own development environment, as we like to demonstrate the technologies presented during the workshop based on real customer projects.

Terms and conditions

All fees are subject to the VAT/sales tax applicable in the country where it is taking place. This also applies to international participants. The participation fee is payable immediately upon receipt of invoice. Participation is possible only if payment has been received in full before the workshop begins. Workshop participation can be canceled up until 25.04.2016.

In case of cancellation, the organizer will levy a cancellation fee of EUR 250 per person excluding VAT. After this date, it is no longer possible to cancel and the workshop fee must be paid in full.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the training program for organisational or other reasons. Payments will be refunded if the workshop has to be canceled by the organizer. Further legal claims against the organizers are explicitly excluded.

Please refer to our IBExpert Standard Business Terms, in particular the IBExpert Contract Terms for the Provision of Consultancy and other Professional Services (General Terms and Conditions Services).

The fees apply to bookings mailed to and immediate payment by bank transfer or using PayPal or Visa/Mastercard. The prices in our online shop are quoted excluding VAT! The number of places is limited. Should you have any further questions please contact or call +49 (0)4407 3148770.

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