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Firebird and IBExpert White Paper

3rd party backup solutions on IFS servers and why we explicitly advise against it!

Holger Klemt, January 2022

Read here: 3rd party backup solutions on IFS servers and why we explicitly advise against it!

A Typical Performance Review Workshop

What do we do when a customer complains about Firebird performance of the software/hardware?

2 hour workshop as a one-on-one interactive online meeting.

We start on the computer to be analyzed. You will learn all relevant steps.

First, the hardware performance is assessed and classified.
What hardware is actually in use and are there any possible bottlenecks that can be identified?

We continue with an examination of the Firebird configuration and possible optimization.
What are the typical errors, which often unknowingly result in poor performance.

We then proceed to make recommendations based on our live observation on your or your customerís production database server. We will demonstrate the tools in IBExpert, which can be used to identify unnecessarily slow SQL commands, step by step. These will then be analyzed separately in the IBExpert SQL Editor. Should new indices be helpful, we will explain why.

SQL commands are often formulated in an extremely unfortunate way. We offer concrete hints, which can be used to improve the software.

Order your 2 hour hotline credit here: Support standard hotline 120 minutes.

Once your order has been processed, we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

We can also customize our interactive online meetings at any time for your corporate training for beginners/advanced/professionals.

The training can be arranged over a period of several days in blocks of 4 hours each.

Contact sales@ibexpert.biz

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