IBExpert and Firebird News 05/2022


Firebird Server Performance: When the database server is too slow ...

When your software is too slow, but your computer systems vendor has no idea how to speed it up, you should ask someone who knows how to do it.

Don't be fobbed off with statements like "This is the fastest server available on the market, and it was also expensive, so it must be good".

Perform the comparison yourself using our free IBExpert benchmark software on your Firebird server: https://ibexpert.net/benchmark/setup_benchmark.exe. For example, our IFSMR Server for only 2390 * and RemoteDBA for 999 * delivers a very good result (see https://www.ibexpert.net/ibe/uploads/Main/bench_2022_IFSMR_FB3.png).

If your server only scores half as well when benchmarked, then your staff will be waiting twice as long when working with the software, not to mention comsuming twice the amount of coffee whilst waiting.

In reality, however, we often see values that are even much lower.
If your system house is still at a loss, then the time has come to use our IFSMR hardware for the Firebird server and integrate it into your network with our help as part of the RemoteDBA package.

The productivity and satisfaction of your staff will instantly justify this investment.

The Firebird IFSMR rack server is available immediately from stock and will be in your network within a few days following receipt of payment.

Please request a written offer by e-mail: sales@ibexpert.biz.

Please send any questions about the server to ifs@ibexpert.biz.

* All prices excl. sales tax/VAT where applicable. Transport costs depend upon the delivery location.

IBExpert Team