IBExpert and Firebird News 6/2021


Firebird 4.0 has been released!

IBExpert fully supports all new Firebird 4.0 features.

Firebird 4.0 introduces new data types and many improvements without radical changes in architecture or operation. And with IBExpert you'll find it easy to navigate.

Install Firebird 4 as an instance alongside your current Firebird version

View our online Get-Together to learn how to install multiple Firebird instances: IBExpert Learning Center: IBExpert and Firebird Online Get-Togethers

Firebird White Paper: Firebird 3 Stored Functions

by Fikret Hasovic, May 2021

Read our new White Paper explaining Firebird 3's stored functions and demonstrating how easy they are to implement in your database development.

Download the PDF here: White Paper: Firebird 3 Stored Functions
You can find all IBExpert White papers here: Database Technology Articles

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