IBExpert and Firebird News 07/2020


20% discount voucher

Home office in times of Corona ...

... increase the need for IBExpert Day Edition activations.

A sufficient supply is therefore highly recommended.

For this purpose we offer you this discount.

The IBExpert Day Edition is ideal if you wish

  • to access your data from your home office
  • to offer remote support to your customers
  • for database repairs
  • to take a look at a Firebird database when you are out and about
  • as a supplement to all IBExpert full versions, ready for use on all computers at any time, and much more.

The Day Edition can be used for 24 hours following activation and contains all the functions of the IBExpert IDE, e.g. debugger, performance analysis and much more.

With the Day Edition you can use the IBExpert IDE wherever it is needed.

The IBExpert Day Editions can be purchased as packages of 100, 500 or 1000 activations/year.

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Your voucher is valid until 07 August 2020.