IBExpert and Firebird News 7/2021


Bugfix IBExpert version 2021.06.17 now available

View all new features here: IBExpert documentation: What's New.

Install Firebird 4 as an instance alongside your current Firebird version

View our online Get-Together tutorials to learn how to install multiple Firebird instances: IBExpert Learning Center: IBExpert and Firebird Online Get-Togethers

Summer Offer IBExpert Developer Studio Software Subscription

If you wish to renew your software subscription following the expiry of more than 12 months, please note that the price for renewing your software subscription is much higher. Therefore, renew your software subscription regularly within the 12 month period.

The IBExpert Software Subscription is valid for 12 months and includes the following software service:

  • Up-to-date software with extensive functions What´s New https://ibexpert.net/ibe/index.php?n=Doc.WhatsNew
  • Support in case of issues
  • New activation codes e.g. for computer changes, staff changes, hardware failure/alterations
  • Moving to another user account

You can find further information here https://www.ibexpert.net/ibe/pmwiki.php?n=Main.IBExpertDeveloperStudio

If you have forgotten to renew your software subscription in time, we have a unique offer for you!

In the period from 01.07.2021 - 01.08.2021 you can renew your software subscription at a reduced price, i.e. the price you would have paid if you had renewed your software subscription annually applies!
(Incoming payments will be taken into account until 06.08.2021.)

This is how you can receive your order link for your purchase in the MyCommerce Online Store:

Send us an e-mail to sales@ibexpert.biz

Subject: Special Offer IBESUB2021

Copy and complete this text:

My IBExpert User Account (e-mail) is:
My IBExpert Software Subscription expired on:

After checking your details, you will receive your link for your order as a reply to your e-mail.

Also remember to order additional IBExpert Day Editions, e.g. for your home office, for customer support etc. https://www.ibexpert.net/ibe/pmwiki.php?n=Main.DayEdition

Our offer is only valid for online purchases through our authorised sales partner MyCommerce.

MyCommerce supports various payment methods: credit card, PayPal, bank transfer (=Wire Transfer).

When selecting the payment option Wire Transfer, you will receive an order confirmation with all the necessary details for your transfer after completing your order. The invoice will be sent by e-mail following payment.

Please send enquiries to: register@ibexpert.biz.

IBExpert Team