IBExpert remote support

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IBExpert remote support

Do you have certain tasks or issues which need a review by database performance experts?

  • Do you really know that there are no blocking transactions?
  • Is the garbage collector really successful?
  • Is the database design as good as it can be?
  • Will additional indices increase or decrease performance?
  • Are changes on existing indices needed?
  • Do stored procedures/triggers/views use indices?
  • Which are the bottleneck SQL statements in your application?
  • How can SQL statements be optimized for specific jobs?

All these questions can be answered by the IBExpert Team.

If you need a rapid solution to your current database problems, consider using our remote support.

IBExpert Remote Support works as follows:

Call our hotline number (optionally via Skype) and using our remote maintenance software, pcvisit or TeamViewer, we connect to a development machine or database server with an Internet connection in your network. On the phone (or optionally via Skype voice connection), we discuss the possible problems and review your system with our remote desktop support system. You receive valuable advice on what changes you should make, or we can immediately make some changes in your database and configuration that might improve your system. Individual SQL statements can be analyzed and optimized as needed, or replaced by a functional identical stored procedure.

This is a secure solution, as our database specialist can only connect to your server when you are running the remote support software. You can view all transactions made by the remote supporter on-screen, and can discuss all analyses over Skype or on the phone.

If you are interested in this support solution, purchase one of our prepaid hotline packages order, and then send us an appointment request. We will then mail you our prepayment invoice. Following receipt of payment you can register or login into the IBExpert Download Center with your email address. In the IBExpert Download Center you can view an up-to-date log of your calls, the remaining minutes of your hotline contingent and your prepaid code, as well as the hotline telephone number. You should quote the prepaid code to our staff when you call. Remaining minutes of this hotline contingent can be redeemed at a later date. We recommend ordering the package of 120 minutes. Experience has shown that these meetings generally take approximately 90-120 minutes.

Do you need help in the selection of the best support solution? Or we can help you select the appropriate prepaid hotline package? Then please complete and return our questionnaire or call +49 (0) 4407 3148770 with as many details of your requirements as possible and we will get back to you with a written quotation.

Languages spoken: English or German.

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