IBExpert Error: too many registrations for the Personal Edition

Error: too many registrations for the Personal Edition

If you receive this message after clicking Get Code, you have exceeded the number of activations allowed for the free IBExpert Personal Edition. You can check the conditions here: Free IBExpert Personal Edition.

Due to the vast amounts of downloads the free IBExpert Personal Edition registration procedure is fully automated. We can therefore provide neither support nor service for this software edition. Please do not write to us, or request manual activations.

If you need or intend to use IBExpert for any other purpose than personal use, you must purchase a full IBExpert Developer Studio version. You can view and purchase all IBExpert products and fees on our website.

If you would like to receive information relevant to software and database development as well as special offers for IBExpert products, ensure that your newsletter subscription setting is set here: https://portal.ibexpert.net/

Thank you,
The IBExpert Team

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