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ibec_SetFileAttr sets the file attributes of the file specified by FileName to the value given by Attr.


 function ibec_SetFileAttr(FileName : string; Attr : integer) : integer;


The value of Attr is formed by combining the appropriate file attribute constants:

 Constant     Value     Description
 __faReadOnly $00000001 Read-only files
 __faHidden   $00000002 Hidden files
 __faSysFile  $00000004 System files
 __faVolumeID $00000008 Volume ID files
 __faDirectory$00000010 Directory files
 __faArchive  $00000020 Archive files
 __faAnyFile  $0000003F Any file

ibec_SetFileAttr returns zero if the function was successful. Otherwise the return value is a Windows error code.

This function now supports Unicode (UTF8) file names. You can still use ANSI names; necessary checks and conversion are performed automatically.


 FileAttr = ibec_FileAttr(TargetFileName);
 if (ibec_and(OldFileAttr, __faReadOnly) = __faReadOnly) then
   ibec_SetFileAttr(TargetFileName, ibec_xor(OldFileAttr, 

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