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Miscellaneous functions

The following miscellaneous functions are available in IBEBlock:

ibec_BuildCubeBuilds an OLAP cube using a specified SELECT statement.
ibec_ChrReturns the character for a specified ASCII value.
ibec_CmpRecordsCompares two arrays of variants (records).
ibec_CmpValsCompares two values.
ibec_CompressFileAllows you to create archives of files and extract them using the ibec_DecompressFile function.
ibec_CompressVarCompresses VALUE using the LZ77 algorithm.
ibec_CreateReportPrepares a report from a specified source (FastReport) and returns prepared report data.
ibec_DecompressFileAllows you to extract files from archives from files compressed using the ibec_CompressFile function.
ibec_DecompressVarDecompresses VALUE preciously compressed with ibec_CompressVar.
ibec_url_DownloadToFileSaves downloaded data in a file specified by the FileName parameter.
ibec_url_DownloadToVarSaves downloaded data in a local variable file specified by V parameter.
ibec_ExecRuns a specified application.
ibec_ExecScriptRunning a script to create interactive dialogs.
ibec_ExecSQLScriptExecutes an SQL script from a variable or a file.
ibec_ExportReportExports a prepared report, created with the ibec_CreateReport function, into a specified format.
ibec_FormatFloatFormats a floating point value.
ibec_FormatIdentCreates a string representation of a GUID.
ibec_FreeGlobalVarRemoves a specified variable from a list of global variables, and frees memory associated with the variable.
ibec_GetGlobalVarReturns the value of a specified global variable.
ibec_GetLastErrorReturns the value of the last failed Windows API call.
ibec_GetTickCountRetrieves the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since Windows was started.
ibec_GetViewRecreateScriptCreates a Recreate script for a specified view(s) and returns it as a result.
ibec_GUIDCreates a string representation of a GUID, a unique 128-bit integer used for CLSIDs and interface identifiers.
ibec_HighReturns the highest value within the range of the index type of the array.
ibec_IIFTests a condition and returns Value1 if the condition is True and Value2 if the condition is False.
ibec_ImportDataReturns the number of imported (inserted) records.
ibec_IntToHexReturns the hex representation of an integer.
ibec_OrdReturns the ordinal value of the specified character.
ibec_ProgressDisplays a progress message.
ibec_RandomGenerates random numbers within a specified range.
ibec_Random2Generates random numbers within a specified range.
ibec_RandomCharGenerates random char within a specified range.
ibec_RandomStringReturns a random string.
ibec_SetEnvironmentVariableA wrapper for the Windows API SetEnvironmentVariable function which sets the value of an environment variable for the current process.
ibec_SetGlobalVarAllows you to create/modify a global variable.
ibec_SetLengthSets the length of a dynamic-array variable.
ibec_smtp_SendMailSends an email using the SMTP protocol.
ibec_WaitForEventMonitors events sent by the POST_EVENT command.

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