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  1. Database alias
  2. Object alias

An alias is a pseudonym.

Database alias

A database alias is a name chosen by the developer for day-to-day use, as a logical and preferable alternative to the usually formally named gdb or fdb file, which is often named in accordance to internal company norms.

The alias indicates the location of the database tables. If the database is stored on a server, the alias also specifies the necessary connection parameters.

It is also used in SQL language to simplify input (saves repeatedly typing the same long database object and field names).

Please refer to the Configuring Firebird chapter, Alias, files and paths for detailed information about Firebird database aliases.

Object alias

When you're writing a select it can become very tiresome repeatedly writing out the full names of commonly used objects correctly. It's helpful to abbreviate such objects, also reducing the amount of frequent typing errors. This is possible by defining an object alias. For example, if you wish to define an alias for the product table, type

 select from product p

That way the server knows that whenever you type a p in this SQL, you are referring to the product table. IBExpert also recognizes the p as an alias and automatically offers me a list of all fields in the product table. By holding down the [Ctrl] key multiple fields can be selected, e.g. title and actor. By pressing the [Enter] key both fields are automatically inserted into the SQL with the alias prefix p.

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