Disconnect from a Database

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When you have finished working with a database it can be disconnected using the IBExpert menu item Database / Disconnect from Database, or the following icon:

in the Database toolbar. Alternatively the DB Explorer right-click menu menu may be used.

It is not necessary to disconnect all databases manually when you have finished working with IBExpert. IBExpert does this automatically when it closes down.

Using SQL the syntax is as follows:

 DISCONNECT {{ALL | DEFAULT} | dbhandle [, dbhandle] ]};
ALL|DEFAULTEither keyword detaches all open databases.
dbhandlePreviously declared database handle specifying a database to detach.

DISCONNECT closes a specific database identified by a database handle or all databases, releases resources used by the attached database, zeroes database handles, commits the default transaction if the gpre -manual option is not in effect, and returns an error if any non-default transaction is not committed.

Before using DISCONNECT, commit or roll back the transactions affecting the database to be detached.

Syntax courtesy of IBPhoenix (https://www.ibphoenix.com)

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