Firebird and IBExpert error messages

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Here we have attempted to list some of the more frequently asked questions regarding Firebird and IBExpert error messages which appear when working with IBExpert. Should you not be able to find a solution to your problem under the links provided here or elsewhere within the IBExpert documentation, please send an email to

Wrong or obsolete version


The incorrect ODS version has been specified for the Firebird version in use. On disc structure 11.2 is always for Firebird 2.5 and ODS version 12 is Firebird 3.0, ODS version 13 for Firebird 4.


  1. Delete the database file and recreate it again with the same DLL.
  2. use the 32-bit fbclient.dll from the Firebird 3 subdirectory.

Refer to ODS version for a list of all ODS versions for both Firebird and InterBase.

IBExpert currently uses IBExpert.stg ...

If you have not specified and registered your IBExpert User database, you will receive the following error message, the first time you start IBExpert:

Please refer to the following documentation:

Client library is missing or invalid

This is actually an IBExpert errror message. As IBExpert is still currently a 32-bit application, it requires a 32-bit client dll. If you try to register a 64-bit Firebird (with the standard 64-bit fbclient.dll) in IBExpert you will get an error message informing you that the fbclient.dll is missing or invalid.


  1. Specify the 32 bit fbclient.dll from the corresponding Firebird version in the IBExpert Registration Info.
  2. When specifying the IBExpert User Database, you can specify the fbembed.dll, situated in the C:\Program Files (x86)\HK-Software\IBExpert\IBEUDB subdirectory.

'00-2' is not a valid integer value


This error appears if you are still using the old deprecated ibexpert.stg to store all your IBExpert settings. It indicates that IBExpert.stg is corrupted, cannot be repaired and user database should be used instead.

To solve this issue configure the IBExpert User Database.

If you have not specified a location yourself: by default, the user database file can always be found in the folder: \HK-Software\IBExpert\ibexpert.udb. This area is user-dependent and even if several users work on one machine, each user has their own file.

If you are still using the old ibexpert.stg (default path: \Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\HK-Software\IBExpert\IBExpert.stg) then copy this. Please refer to our online documentation:

firebird.msg not found

can't format message 13:896 -- message file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\firebird.msg not found. Dynamic SQL Error. SQL error code = -104. Token unknown - line 32, column 7.


This error message has nothing to do with IBExpert itself, but with the client configuration.

Change the default value in the IBExpert database registration to the file fbclient.dll in the Firebird 3 subdirectory, then this message should no longer be displayed, as a suitable firebird.msg is also located there (see here under item 15

However, the second message is based on the user name/password combination, which does not correspond to the setting in your database server. One question: Which Firebird server version are you using?

If you require further assistance, we can support you with our IBExpert & Firebird Hotline

Error loading PlugIn Engine 12


This error suggests that either your installation is corrupt, or the user running the Firebird service has insufficient access rights on the install folder to read /load plugins/Engine12.dll. ... [???]


... [???]

Your user name and password are not defined





Error occurred during login, please check server firebird.log for details





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