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IBExpert Benchmark

How do you measure the performance of your own server or your clients'? Have you ever tried to compare the database speed of your Firebird server with new server hardware? Is a XEON Machine better than an Opteron? What improvements can you expect from fast SAS hard disks, RAID controllers or Enterprise SSDs?

Using the IBExpert Benchmark tool you can generate and compare a reproducible speed index for your Firebird Server hardware. On average, our IFS servers with Firebird is 5 to 10 times faster than the server or virtual machines that our customers have previously used. (This feature is unfortunately not included in the free IBExpert Personal Edition.)

Based on a demo database, which is created automatically, the benchmarks run approximately 8 million operations (individual insert/update/delete/select statements) using 10 simultaneous processes in 2 runs on databases created with different parameters to demonstrate the impact of the physical drive speed.

This feature allows remote benchmark tests on Firebird 2.5 Superserver, Classic server, Superclassic server or Firebird 3.0 32- or 64-bit, Windows, Linux etc. The Benchmark software is implemented as a 32-bit Windows software, but it can connect to any remote Firebird Installation.

Compare your server's performance to our IFS servers! This simple but effective tool gives you a reference benchmark, based on our recommended IFS Servers. Our servers will show you a typical Firebird 2.5 Superserver performance of at least 200% for the CPU and at least 200% for the HDD Test with our IFS server series), und using Firebird 3.0 at least 230% for the CPU and at least 500% for the HDD Test. Results under 100% indicate an outdated server performance.

Important: This benchmark gives you a value to compare several hardware or software configurations running the Firebird server. Changing the server to a more powerful hardware might improve the speed by 100%. In addition optimizing your software and database operations can often improve the speed by more than 1000%. Ask for further support, for example our remote Support or on-site Workshops.

Benkmark results using Firebird 3.0 on an IFS 2018 Server

The new look was introduced in IBExpert version 2016.03.15. From this version onwards the index values are now based on our IFS Server v. 6.0.

The Thread test category was implemented in IBExpert version 2017.01.15. It calculates the percentage value for multi-threaded CPU tests with 5000 pages cache result to better see the advantages when using Firebird 3.

If you wish to collect the results for comparision with different hard and software combinations, enter a brief description of the configuration to be tested, along with the recipient email address for the statistic report. Then add the required database connection Information - you need to set a new path for the newly generated database; if you specify the path of an existing database, you will receive a warning message:

Specify the Firebird client, as well as the user name and password (the standard SYSDBA and masterkey). Finally click Start benchmark to run the benchmark test.

IBExpert now creates the demo database, which always follows the same guidelines. It then executes the INITALL procedure in this database. Following this parallel threads are created, which attempt to input further orders into the database. Following the Drive Test, the CPU Test test then is executed.

The results are displayed in the lower window: the drive and the CPU index are percentage values comparing to a computer, which we had in our program in 2011. At the time we rated the computer at 100%.

If you have specified an email address, you will receive the results by mail, with the heading as specified in the Please add a short description of the Firebird server hard- and software field.

To perform the IBExpert Benchmark at your customers, you can use either the IBExpert Developer Studio customer version or the IBExpert Day Edition.

If you are interested in a free benchmark test, please write to us:

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