Recompile all stored procedures and triggers

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Stored procedures and triggers use indices internally. The Recompile command ensures that the most up-to-date indices are used. Using this command it is also possible to recognize when one procedure or trigger calls another.

This function also useful, for example, when backing up an older InterBase version (e.g. v6) and restoring in a newer version, such as InterBase 2007 or Firebird 2.1, as Firebird/InterBase simply copies the data and metadata into the new version when restoring.

If a variable name, that is a keyword in the stored procedure, is wrong, it is unfortunately not recognized during the backup and restore procedure as the compiler does not recognize variable names as such. When however procedures and triggers are recompiled, any such problems are discovered.

The menu items, Recompile all Stored Procedures and Recompile all Triggers can be found in the IBExpert Database menu or using the right-click menu in the DB Explorer.

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