Service description

Using IBExpertBackupRestore it is possible to set up automatic backups for any number of databases, with separate backup, restore, schedule and log mailing parameters for each database. The service is controlled by the HK-Software Services Control Center (SCC) utility, which can be found in the IBExpert Services menu.

The HK-Software Services Control Center (SCC) accommodates the IBExpertBackupResore service. The IBExpertBackupRestore service supports all features and switches from the Firebird 3 gbak.exe, and includes complete IBEGbak functionality as an internal functionality.

There are some new options, so to be able to use IBEGbak as an internal functionality, you need to specify FirebirdInstallFolder. Be aware that if you use Internal, a log file will NOT be created.

You can use this main page to set default settings which will apply to all backup/restores, or simply right-click on the left-hand IBExpertBackupRestore node to add a task.

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