IBExpert and Firebird Power Workshop

Firebird Administrator intensive training with emphasis on speed, security and interfaces.

In our Firebird Power Workshop, we focus on the tasks that an administrator needs to perform to effectively run a Firebird server. The aim is to achieve the optimum speed of the hardware and software used, to guarantee maximum operational reliability, and to be optimally prepared for a breakdown by means of a suitable worst-case scenario. We will also concentrate on the independent implementation of simple requirements in the areas of import, export and reporting.

Overview of topics

1. Basics

After an introduction to the basic Firebird technology, the most important files and installation versions for Windows and Linux with Firebird versions 2.x and 3.x will be explained.

2. Hardware

  • Using suitable tools, the Firebird performance with the hardware/software combination used is measured and compared with other systems
  • Effects of Firebird versions and configurations for processors, memory, I/O load, and process priority
  • Comparison of the different I/O subsystem techniques HDD, SSD, SATA, M.2, NVME, RAID, SAN, IOPS, Bandwidth, Reads, Writes, etc.
  • Comparison of different CPU types, clock cycle, L1/L2/L3 cache, cores, Xeon E3/E5/E7
  • Expedient use of memory, RAM disk, temporary memory, ECC, DDR, clock cycle
  • Locate the bottleneck in your own server
  • Supplementary hardware for performance optimization
  • Recommendations for optimal hardware

3. Operating system

  • What optimizations can I make in Windows and Linux operating systems?
  • Comparison of a Firebird server running on a virtual machine or without virtualization
  • Check relevant drivers and adjust configuration settings
  • DLL version check and effects
  • Effects and adjustments Antivirus, backup and image software
  • Trojan-safe configuration
  • Operating systems recommendations for Firebird and dependencies

4. Backup/Restore

  • Data backup with gbak and other solutions
  • The most important backup/restore parameters
  • Partial backup of the database
  • IBExpert tools for backup, restore, e-mail message in case of errors, database dump
  • IBExpert tools for automating database comparisons, data and metadata using scripts
  • Shadow copy as a turbo backup
  • Suitable measures to prevent errors from the outset
  • Concurrent incremental backup
  • Basic replication knowledge

5. Troubleshooting

  • Detect errors in the database
  • Troubleshooting strategies and tools
  • Correct errors using transaction counter limit
  • Detect and correct incorrect metadata
  • Recognize and correct faulty data
  • Combine databases from different scripts
  • Errors opening the database and gfix
  • Errors after opening the database when accessing certain table data
  • IBExpert repair tools, Database Inside, if nothing else helps
  • IBExpert services and Hotline support for repairs

6. Interfaces

  • Automatically generate reports with IBExpert Scripting and store them as PDF files or send them by e-mail
  • Set up data interfaces for ODBC
  • Data export to ODBC, CSV, Excel, HTML, etc. using IBExpert Scripting
  • Data import from ODBC, CSV, Excel, HTML, etc. using IBExpert Scripting
  • Read or write access to SMTP, POP3 and IMAP e-mail
  • Automate data synchronization with script directly to MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.
  • Convert data tables from or to other platforms
  • Direct connection using additional tools to PayPal, Sharepoint, SAP, Salesforce, Magento, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, JSON, REST, XML etc.

7. Users and groups

  • Create, change and delete users with password
  • Create, change and delete roles
  • Differences users, roles and permissions in Firebird 2.x and Firebird 3.x
  • Transfering the user database when updating Firebird

8. Database performance

  • System tables and tools to detect long-running SQL queries
  • Identify and eliminate the impact of long-running transactions
  • Trace API and MON$ tables
  • Detect and create missing indices
  • Comprehending and using Expression Indices
  • Understanding and updating index statistics
  • Optimize index structures and avoid duplicates

9. Monitoring and Audit

  • Log database changes with IBExpert log tools
  • Log slow SQLs around the clock
  • What's it doing now? External tools at operating system level for file system and process logging

10. Tips and tricks


  • TBA


2 days, 9:00 am until 5:00 pm


The fee includes session recordings, beverages, lunch.

All prices subject to the VAT/sales tax rates and regulations in the country where the event is taking place.

Please refer to our IBExpert Contract Terms for the Provision of Consultancy and other Professional Services (General Terms and Conditions Services) and Terms and conditions.

You can book your place by email to sales@ibexpert.biz.

Terms and conditions

All fees are subject to the VAT/sales tax applicable in the country where it is taking place. This also applies to international participants. The participation fee is payable immediately upon receipt of invoice. Participation is possible only if payment has been received in full before the workshop begins. Workshop participation can be canceled up until 3 weeks (21 days) before the bootcamp begins.

In case of cancellation, the organizer will levy a cancellation fee of EUR 250 per person excluding VAT. After this date, it is no longer possible to cancel and the workshop fee must be paid in full.

The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the training program for organisational or other reasons. Payments will be refunded if the workshop has to be canceled by the organizer. Further legal claims against the organizers are explicitly excluded.

Please refer to our IBExpert Standard Business Terms, in particular the IBExpert Contract Terms for the Provision of Consultancy and other Professional Services (General Terms and Conditions Services).

The fees apply to bookings mailed to sales@ibexpert.biz and immediate payment by bank transfer or using PayPal or Visa/Mastercard. The prices in our online shop are quoted excluding VAT! The number of places is limited. Should you have any further questions please contact sales@ibexpert.biz or call +49 (0) 4407 3148770.

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