IBExpert Firebird SQL Performance Monitoring


Your way out of the blind alley


Those who believe that virtual database servers are fast
also believe that groundhogs can predict the weather.

The situation

  • You are using Firebird-based software
  • The benchmark shows that your hardware attains a reasonable speed and yet certain queries in your software take much longer than acceptable
  • The server becomes slower and slower, but speeds up again after rebooting
  • The time required for certain queries or software reaction time in dialogs varies

The blind alley

It is becoming increasingly difficult to work effectively with the software, but the software provider claims that this is not the fault of his software, but of your hardware, your operating system or your network etc.

Your software manufacturer provides no beneficial support, instead you have to listen to claims that you are the only one who has this problem, all other customers are satisfied.

By now you begin to doubt that the software provider is taking your concerns seriously at all.

The solution

You commission us to take a look behind the scenes, to support you in your discussions with your software provider, and to counter the repetitive excuses with objective reasoning.

With our tools and our experience we examine not only the hardware and operating system in use, but also what the database needs to handle in terms of the application’s SQL queries.

We are often rapidly able to detect SQL commands, which do not use appropriate indices or are poorly formulated.

As the size of the database increases, these effects become more and more severe, and when the data volume doubles, the SQL commands will not just take twice as long to execute, but considerably longer.

An isolated test of a query on the programmer's fast laptop, which may use only part of the database, but does not have to process queries from 20-50 or more other workstations, only helps to pass the buck to you again.

With our help, you can quickly detect whether this query or screen reaction time is at all representative of your issues.

IBExpert Firebird SQL Performance Monitoring together with our support provides a way out of this blind alley in discussions with your software provider.


We will show you where bottlenecks occur in your system and how well your hardware/software fits and interacts with your working environment.

Benchmark results Firebird 3.0 on an IFSLR server

We can offer you and/or your software provider concrete advice on what could be improved, in order to achieve optimum performance of your Firebird database systems and software, even with large-scale customer implementations and data volumes.

Whether it is a matter of indices, optimized SQL queries or general tips and tricks, we see ourselves as a moderator between yourself and your software provider.

If, as in almost all cases where we have already successfully implemented monitoring, the software provider is prepared to work with us constructively, then you will often see significant progress already in the next software update.

We also examine your application at network protocol level, because often data is retrieved over the network that is not visible anywhere in the application software. The developer is often not even aware of this problem until we point it out to him with specific examples and offer workarounds to avoid it.

Our services

Let us, as database experts, analyse your database system and propose improvements to optimise performance. You will find that our wealth of experience will certainly offer you new aspects, so that you and your software provider will be in a position to optimize your database system.

Our common goal should be to create an optimal working environment without making poor compromises and seeking solutions, also from your software provider.

We offer our IBExpert Firebird SQL Performance Monitoring for the price of 1,200 Euros: IBExpert Firebird SQL Performance Monitoring.

Following receipt of payment we will arrange a date to start our analysis by remote maintenance and will normally let the monitoring run for 7 days or longer if desired.

You will receive a detailed report by e-mail within 72 hours following the completion of the monitoring.

Our standard offer is valid for Firebird 2.5 and upwards. For older Firebird versions please request an offer from sales@ibexpert.biz.

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