IBExpert Firebird IFSMR with Linux Server operating system

Optimized and dedicated for Firebird databases
0.2 TB SSD for operating system
0.8 TB SSD NVMe memory for Firebird 2.5/3.0/4.0 databases/backups
Operating system Linux Ubuntu LTS
1.5 U height / 19 inch width, 40 cm length rack case
Recommended up to 25 users
Price from EUR 2,390*

Our IFSLR rack servers offer a significantly higher performance. Please request a written offer for this server by e-mail: sales@ibexpert.biz.

The IFSMR reliably achieves values between 230% and 400% in the IBExpert benchmark with the current Firebird 64-bit Linux version, and has proven to be extremely fast and reliable in our pre-installed configuration.

Important: The IFSMR is configured to be used exclusively as a fast Firebird server.

You have full access to all Firebird directories and database paths, but cannot install any other software on this server for performance and security reasons.

After the transfer has been carried out together with you by remote maintenance and the Firebird databases have been set up, we will also set up a backup/restore for you, so that your data backups are reliably performed daily. The data backups are additionally secured on any other drive in the network or in the cloud.

Hardware maintenance and RemoteDBA

The RemoteDBA is a database administrator who remotely accesses the database systems to carry out their work.

This offers the advantages of geographical and temporal independence for database maintenance. This service enables mapping of almost all database-relevant activities in physical and virtual environments, monitoring, database operation and direct troubleshooting.

The hardware maintenance contract and RemoteDBA for the IFSMR server can be purchased for 4 years.

  • Maintenance contract and RemoteDBA for 4 years: EUR 999.00

The maintenance contract is required when ordering the basic setup of your IFS server for optimal performance.

Offer subject to change without notice.
Delivery dates on request, payment in advance.
The specified delivery dates are always non-binding.

The statutory warranty period for our equipment is according to 438 BGB (German Civil Code) 24 months as a bring-in service. In case of an error that cannot be corrected by a restart, we first verify by remote maintenance whether a hardware error has occurred. If the defect is not covered by legal warranty, then the repair will be carried out for a fee, and the repaired server will be returned to you. All costs are to be borne by the customer. During this period, you are not entitled to an exchange or replacement server.

* All prices excl. sales tax/VAT where applicable. Transport costs depend upon delivery location.

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