IBExpert RemoteDBA

A database server installation is always an extremely complex project, even though the Firebird or InterBase server requires a very low level of administration.

Our experience with hundreds of installations has shown that a lot of customers have no real concept for critical situations. A daily backup is never tested, there is no plan how a new server should be set up should the original server crash, or the new server performance is lower than it was before, etc.

Do not wait for the worst-case scenario to happen. The IBExpert RemoteDBA product is designed for all Firebird and InterBase users, but especially for those companies who have no large budget for their own database administration. Depending on your wishes and your requirements you can order this with an annual, quarterly or monthly check.

Here's how it works:

Checking your infrastructure

Based on a phone call and our remote support software or your preferred remote control software, we connect to your database server in your network via the internet. We install several monitor and backup tools from the "IBExpert Server Tools" package, which allows us to monitor your database server from our office.

Important: A software registration for IBExpert Server Tools is not included and must be purchased separately. If anything unexpected happens we will receive a detailed email from your server and we can decide the best procedure for you. In the first online session we work through our checklist to detect if your server is running at optimal performance, analyze memory usage, hard disk configuration etc.

Discussing the results

Following this session, you will be sent a report of the results. If any special issues have been detected, this will be discussed with you in a separate phone call or remote session. We will discuss possible causes and solutions.

This can also be done in a telephone conference with your software manufacturer if wished.

Improve your database and server performance and security

Depending on the software used and the database structure, we can also add several performance improvements in the database and software configuration. We offer valuable tips to help you maximize your hardware performance. Individual SQL statements can be analyzed and optimized as required or replaced by a functional identical stored procedure. You will receive an individual backup restore report detailing what needs to be done if your database or the server crashes. If required, we can set up a near-time backup server on a second computer, which allows the main server to be immediately replaced in case of a hardware failure, and provide instructions for its activation.

Some facts

The online time for the remote sessions is limited to a maximum of 2-8 hours. For additional online time you can purchase a support contract which can be ordered separately on request.

When you order this service, we will propose a date/time to start the online session. Depending on your country of residence, we will aim to start the session at the most comfortable time for yourselves, which can be between 06:00 and 24:00 UTC time.


This service is designed to exactly meet your needs, even if you have no experience with the subtleties of the InterBase or Firebird database server configuration and can be offered as an annual, quarterly or monthly check.

We also offer reseller conditions for the IBExpert RemoteDBA services. Please mail sales@ibexpert.biz for details.

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