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What our customers have to say about our replication:
Database conversion from Firebird 2.1 to Firebird 3.0 and implementation of a database replication
"Our brief was to migrate a database of about 150 GB (which originally emerged from BDE (Paradox), migrated to InterBase 6 and later from Firebird 1.0 to 2.1) to Firebird 3 within a short period of time, and construct a replication over a VPN line.
""We contacted IBExpert GmbH, who made us an offer corresponding to our budget..
"Following a detailed analysis of our database by the IBExpert Team, it unfortunately transpired that the estimated costs could not be maintained.
"However, we quickly agreed to take over the necessary database reconstruction ourselves, so that we were back on budget. We received valuable and practical tips from the IBExpert team which facilitated the implementation.
"In order to improve our knowledge regarding Firebird 3 and replication, we visited their Bootcamp in 2017. A great event, due to Mr. Klemtís competence and extensive knowledge all participants took a lot of information away with them from this event and no question remained unanswered.
"The database rebuild and replication implementation took place over a weekend. We could fully rely on Mr. Klemt, who was available late into the evening and who made a significant contribution to the success of the project. The replication was remotely set up by him and put into operation in the short frame available, so that on Monday the remodeled Firebird 3 database including replication was in production.
"In conclusion, I would like to say that anyone wishing to replicate Firebird or seeking solutions in the database environment is in the best hands with Mr. Klemt; he does not mince words, he is competent, his training and communication is certainly not boring. He has proved to be a fair partner for us."

Uwe Cramer, Intellekta GmbH

IBExpert Firebird Replication


Master-Slave Replication

We also offer an optional transactional real-time master-slave replication for almost any Firebird 2.5/3.0 database. Depending upon the complexity, we add further system objects in the database, so that each write operation on the master server is simultaneously written in the slave database. Should the master server fail, all committed transactions are present on the slave. The realization of this solution depends upon the complexity of the database structure: mail sales@ibexpert.biz for details.

Whilst all write operations have to take place on the master, the slaves can be used without any problems for real-time reporting purposes, as all data is also available in real time.

The master-slave replication can also be set up as a master multi-slave without any additional costs for optimal protection.

The data is replicated from an IFS master server to 2 or more IFS slave servers. However, it is vital in this case that all of the replication targets are our IFS servers, as the slowest system has a negative impact on the overall speed. You can find out more about the current IBExpert IFS 2019 server series here: New IBExpert IFS 2019 Server Series.

The Master-Slave Replication solution can be set up externally and does not require an on-site appointment.

Multi-Master Replication

As part of individual customer projects, we can implement flexible multi-master replication systems according to your specific requirements. One of our customers works with the system implemented by ourselves, with synchronous/asynchronous bidirectionally-replicated IFS servers currently at 140 sites. Multi-master replication project budgets start at around EUR 15,000. Do not be dazzled by simple replication tools for a few hundred Euros, with which you can supposedly quickly click something replication-like together. We have 15 years of experience with hundreds of sites and large data quantities. Please contact our sales team for an individual offer. Read more about the current IBExpert IFS 2019 server series here: New IBExpert IFS 2019 Server Series.

The Multi-Master Replication solution can be set up externally and does not require an on-site appointment.

We can only create an offer following a detailed review of all current metadata. This is possible within the scope of a monitoring project: Setting up monitoring protocols, runtime option of 1 week to 1 month, followed by evaluation of protocols and proposals for optimizing the existing application. A maximum of 120 minutes of hotline/remote maintenance support is included in the price for the setup and evaluation. This solution can be set up externally and does not require an on-site appointment.

Interested? Please mail sales@ibexpert.biz for further information.

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