IBExpert interface & callback functions

New interface functions were implemented in IBExpert version 2020.09.21 to allow user applications to communicate with IBEBlocks:

  1. Set IBEBlock parameters from user application.
  2. Get IBEBlock output values.
  3. Perform user callback in any place of IBEBlock code passing data from within a block and returning user data back to a block.

All functions described above provide ABlockName argument which contains the name of the block if execution of that block was initiated as below:


If block name is missing ABlockName parameter will contain an empty string.

ibesScriptInitCreates and initializes a scripter instance.
ibesScriptFinalizeDestroys a script object.
ibesScriptSetConnectionSets an external connection for a script object.
ibesScriptSetCallbackSets a specified callback function for a script object.
ibesScriptExecuteTextExecutes a script from a specified string.
ibesScriptExecuteFileExecutes a script from a specified file.
ibesConnectionInitConnects to a database with specified connection parameters.
ibesConnectionFinalizePerforms a disconnect for the specified connection object and destroys the specified connection object.
TScriptIBEBlockProgressFuncSimilar to the old TBlockProgressFunc but also provides the block name for named blocks.
TScriptIBEBlockSuspendFuncThis callback function is fired when SUSPEND is executed within a block.
TScriptIBEBlockGetInputParamsFuncThis callback function is fired before the execution of the block and allows you to set values of block input parameters.
TScriptIBEBlockUserCallbackFuncThis function is intended for communication between IBEBlock and the user application.

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