IBExpert and Firebird News 1/2021


IBExpert and Firebird Hotline


Do you require support for your current project or for your new project?

We can support you with our IBExpert and Firebird Hotline. Using pcvisit, TeamViewer or MS Teams and the telephone, we can come together and offer you the right tips to drive your project forward.

You can order 60 minutes IBExpert and Firebird Hotline for 135 Euro using this Share-it link.

You would like improve your own and your employees’ skills?

Firebird beginners and professional training also from your home office

We can train you over several days in blocks of 4 hours each, to suit your individual requirements. Or simply select your topics from our IBExpert and Firebird training and coaching programme. You can also streamline or extend our training programme individually, according to your requirements.

The course is based on your database and is individually adapted to your level of knowledge and your requirements.

The team participating should not exceed a group size of 5-10 people, so that we can address the needs of all participants equally.

16 hours IBExpert and Firebird Hotline, divided into 4 blocks of 4 hours at a price of 1880 Euro can be ordered using this Share-it link.

You can decide who can dial into the GoToMeeting conference and when, so that administrators can also participate in certain programming topic blocks, depending upon their level of knowledge and experience.

If you wish, we can record the entire course on video, enabling you to check back later and refresh your memory.

If you would like to get to know your trainer, just take a look at our YouTube videos.

Are you experiencing performance problems with your Firebird server?

The benchmark shows that your hardware attains a reasonable speed and yet certain queries in your software take much longer than is acceptable.
The server becomes slower and slower, but speeds up again after rebooting. The time required for certain queries or software reaction time in dialogs varies.

Here we can also support you, for example, with monitoring.
Please initially order 2 hours of IBExpert and Firebird Hotline at the price of 260 Euros, for the first telephone contact to analyse your system and discuss further actions, via this Share-it link.

Trust is good, but control is better ... test us!

We are offering you the opportunity to book 1 hour Hotline at the price of 100 euros (regular price 135 euros).

Our offer is valid until Friday, 26 February 2021 for your purchase through our online partner Share-it. Please order and pay for your 60 minutes Hotline using this link and enter the coupon code 60Hotline2021.

Would you like our support in a different subject area? Almost anything is possible! Please send your questions by e-mail to sales@ibexpert.biz.
We are also there for you if you would like to take advantage of our help or support outside normal working hours.
You can refer to our general conditions here IBExpert und Firebird Hotline.

Do you need our urgent help in an emergency because your system is down and your employees cannot work?

We would like to generally recommend that you set up a prepaid hotline customer account with a sufficient credit balance (e.g. 960 minutes), so that we can help you quickly and unbureaucratically in an emergency, saving you time and money.
Your hotline credit does not expire and can be used as and when required.

How does the hotline work?

Please first create a customer account in the IBExpert Download Center. If possible, do not use a personalized employee e-mail address, but a general one such as info@ or developer@, so that you can also adjust the distribution list yourself when staff changes occur.

After ordering your hotline credit, please inform us of the e-mail address of your registered IBExpert customer account and your Share-it order number by e-mail to register@ibexpert.biz.
As soon as we receive the payment confirmation from Share-it, we will activate your credit and you will receive a confirmation e-mail from our IBExpert team.

When you log in to the IBExpert Download Center using your access data, you can view your prepaid code, your available hotline minutes and your hotline session history with start and end times under "Hotline Information".

You will be connected directly to your contact person via your hotline telephone number, which you will receive by e-mail (no call center!). You should quote the prepaid code to your contact person when you call.
Our IBExpert and Firebird hotline is available worldwide.

You can discuss topic and appointments with us by e-mail at any time, even before you order your hotline credit.

Please feel free to contact our team at sales@ibexpert.biz.

A summary of all IBExpert services and fees can be found here: IBExpert products, services & prices. All prices listed here apply exclusively to orders placed in the Share-it online shop.

If you have any further questions, please mail sales@ibexpert.biz.

Please also consider ordering the IBExpert Day Edition, e.g. for your further education, your home office, your customer support etc. Price list here: Software rental: IBExpert Developer Studio Day Edition.

IBExpert Team