IBExpert and Firebird News 05/2020

Your way out of the blind alley


Those who believe that virtual database servers are fast
also believe that groundhogs can predict the weather.

The situation

  • You are using Firebird-based software
  • The benchmark shows that your hardware attains a reasonable speed and yet certain queries in your software take much longer than acceptable
  • The server becomes slower and slower, but speeds up again after rebooting
  • The time required for certain queries or software reaction time in dialogs varies

Software optimisation


Benchmark results Firebird 3.0 on an IFS2020LR server

IBExpert Firebird Monitoring

You commission us to take a look behind the scenes, to support you in your discussions with your software provider, and to counter the repetitive excuses with objective reasoning.

With our tools and our experience we examine not only the hardware and operating system in use, but also what the database needs to handle in terms of the application’s SQL queries.

We will show you where bottlenecks occur in your system and how well your hardware/software fits and interacts with your working environment.

You can find further information here: IBExpert Firebird Monitoring.

Hardware optimisation


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IBExpert IFS Firebird Server

If it's not just the software after all, and the monitoring indicates that your server is not achieving a high speed with Firebird, then it makes sense to replace your hardware.

The hardware recommended by your system vendor is supposed to offer improved performance, but besides the considerable investment for the new server, you've discovered that the system is now even slower.

Even if software is poorly programmed, the software speed can still be significantly improved by replacing the server. This considerably reduces the waiting times in daily processes and you and your employees can be much more productive.

Click here to find out more about our current IFS servers.

We are happy to assist you in choosing a server that is tailored to your needs. Please contact us at ifs@ibexpert.biz.