IBExpert and Firebird News 09a/2020


New IBExpert Version

IBExpert has just published the new IBExpert version 2020.09.13.

New features


  • Grant Manager: Improved performance (updating and filtering) while working with databases which contain thousands of DB objects and hundred thousands of grant records.


  • SQL Editor: Queries with a clause like "where (field = :PARAM) or (:PARAM IS NULL)" are now processed correctly: it is possible to specify any valid parameter value, not only NULL or NOT NULL.
  • Data grids: Fixed problems with selecting a master record from popup grid when PK/FK values are of CHAR(16) (UUID) type.


Don't forget to install the new IBExpert version now.

IBExpert Developer Studio Software Subscription

Is your IBExpert software subscription still valid for your IBExpert software? - You can purchase your software subscription for the next few years now!

Please send us an e-mail, naming your IBExpert customer account and you will receive your order link for your 12 month software subscription.

The IBExpert Developer Studio Edition Software Subscription includes:

  • Up-to-date software with extended functions: What's New
  • Support for any issues
  • New unlock codes for computer relocation
  • New unlock codes in case of hardware failure/alterations

If you would like to extend or renew your IBExpert software subscription for several years, please mention this in your e-mail. It is always possible to order your software subscription for several years.

IBExpert Day Edition

In addition to your customer account, you can create a further IBExpert Download Center account to activate IBExpert Day Editions.

The IBExpert Day Edition is ideal if you wish

  • to access your data from your home office
  • to offer remote support to your customers
  • for database repairs
  • to take a look at a Firebird database when you are out and about
  • as a supplement to all IBExpert full versions, ready for use on all computers at any time, and much more.

The Day Edition can be used for 24 hours following activation and contains all the functions of the IBExpert IDE, e.g. debugger, performance analysis and much more.

With the Day Edition you can use the IBExpert IDE wherever it is needed.

The IBExpert Day Editions can be purchased as packages of 100, 500 or 1000 activations/year.

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Free of charge - The IBExpert Benchmark Tool

With our free benchmark tool you can directly test your hardware performance and compare it with our IFS Servers 2020.

This limited special version of the IBExpert Benchmark Tool includes Firebird 2.5 and 3.0 versions, so you do not need to install Firebird on the server to be tested.

Click here to install the Benchmark Tool.

If you would like a more flexible version of our benchmark, allowing you to change various test options, or even perform a benchmark on a Linux operating system or remote servers, please purchase an IBExpert full version.

For all questions or requests please send an e-mail to our team; we are also available to help you with any issues.

We wish you all a great and successful week.

IBExpert Team

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Your voucher is valid from the 15th September until the 25th September 2020.