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String-handling functions

The following string-handling functions are available in IBEBlock:

ibec_CoalesceTakes two or more arguments and returns the value of the first non-NULL argument.
ibec_CopyReturns a substring of a string.
ibec_CopyToClipboardPuts a copy of a string in the clipboard.
ibec_DecodeHas the functionality of an IF...THEN...ELSE statement.
ibec_LengthReturns the number of characters in a string.
ibec_PosReturns the index value of the first character in a specified substring that occurs in a given string.
ibec_TrimTrims leading and trailing spaces and control characters from a string.
ibec_FormatReturns a formatted string assembled from a format string and a list of arguments.
ibec_InputQueryDisplays an input dialog that enables the user to enter a string.
ibec_ExplodeReturns an array of strings.
ibec_AnsiLowerCaseConverts a string to lower case.
ibec_AnsiUpperCaseConverts a string to upper case.
ibec_ConcatConcatenates two or more strings into one.
ibec_QuotedStrReturns the quoted version of a string.
ibec_StringReplaceReturns a string with occurrences of one substring replaced by another substring.
ibec_AnsiStringToUTF8Performs the conversion of an ANSI string to UTF8.
ibec_UTF8ToAnsiStringPerforms a conversion of a UTF8 string to an ANSI string.
ibec_mime_EncodeEncodes a string with MIME Base64.
ibec_mime_EncodeNoCRLFEncodes a string with MIME Base64.
ibec_mime_DecodeDecodes Base64-encoded data.

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