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The registration process for the free IBExpert Personal Edition is fully automated. We can therefore provide neither support nor service for this software edition. Please do not request manual activations.

Use of the IBExpert Personal Edition is only allowed by the person who has conducted the download from his/her account in the IBExpert Download Center. By entering the unlock code you agree to our Terms of Use, which are described on our website: Free IBExpert Personal Edition.

If you need or intend to use IBExpert for any purpose other than personal use, you must purchase a full IBExpert Developer Studio version.
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Do you develop SQL databases professionally and need an efficient and powerful tool? With IBExpert Software you have made the right choice. You will quickly become familiar with its extensive features. Whether you enjoy the control of hand-coding DML or DDL statements or working in a visual editing environment, IBExpert software makes it easy to get started and provides you with outstanding tools to accelerate and enhance your work.

IBExpert is the most comprehensive GUI tool for Firebird on the market today.

IBExpert contains a wide range of coding tools and features. An overview of all IBExpert features can be found here.

Standard software doesn't suit your requirements? We can also provide application software!
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… and if you get stuck – we’re more than happy to help!

IBExpert and Firebird Workshops: All our workshops can be booked as company training and all topics can be customized to fit your requirements. Too little time? All workshops are also possible as remote training.

In addition to training, consulting and workshops we can offer you a number of support concepts.

We are happy to support you to resolve your problems, both with our IBExpert software and with our technical expertise regarding Firebird databases.
To ensure a rapid and optimal solution, please contact our experienced IBExpert and Firebird specialists.

Together we can perform a benchmark test of your existing system and discuss during the telephone call which measures are necessary so that you can work efficiently in the future, or we can prepare an offer based on the results obtained.

We recommend setting up a prepaid hotline customer account with a sufficient credit balance so that we can help you quickly and unbureaucratically in an emergency and you save time and money. Your hotline credit does not expire and can be used as required.

We can also offer you a solution for your server hardware. The IBExpert Firebird IFS 2019 Server Module - our standard IFS Server, configured by IBExpert GmbH for highest functionality and performance for all Firebird 2.5/3.0 databases. Further information.

Our technical team will be happy to advise you about an optimal server configuration tailored to your needs. Hotline

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